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bout Jinyu

Chairman: Li Huaijiang

Dear friends:
  Hello everyone, my company is a listed company themed background profile of a large enterprise, its predecessor is a cement plant in Handan, 1993 restructuring of Hebei Taihang Cement Co., Ltd., after the end of 2006 to join the Beijing Jinyu Group always adhere to the "total finance, sharing, win-win and common prosperity "concept of development, continue to grow, to practice with the Handan City contracted together to create" Jinan building materials base, "the grand goal. The company has invested 6.2 billion in building a successful 4500T / D cement clinker production line and construction in Handan, a safe, successful Cixian grinding station, referred to this company's cement, clinker-related products will lead Handan ten counties in eastern markets, and further radiation Henan, Shandong[View details]
Jinyu Overview

Handan Jinyu Taihang Cement Co., Ltd. is affiliated with the Beijing Jinyu Group which is a part of the world building materials company top 100, national key support dozen large building materials enterprises. With the unique layout of resources and ce..[View details]

Jinyu Culture
BBMG Mission: Jinyu mission, values Jinyu, responsibility Jinyu
Jinyu Group Vision: to enter the world's top 500 large industrial groups to build a world-class
core values: credit, responsibility and respect.
Jinyu spirit: actual weight, the weight of innovation, re-effective, class struggle, or "triple a fight," the group spirit
Jinyu human spirit: "eight special" that particular idea, especially the pursuit, in particular, can endure hardship, to hard work, in particular, can be understood, especially energy integration particular passion, to dedicate
philosophy: high standards of planning Jinyu, a high level of construction BBMG, BBMG quality management, world-class enterprises to accelerate the pace of the group ahead, 3-5 three years to achieve a double double led development go..[View details]