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Handan Jinyu Taihang Cement Co., Ltd. is affiliated with the Beijing Jinyu Group which is a part of the world building materials company top 100, national key support dozen large building materials enterprises. With the unique layout of resources and cement & concrete products vertical integration development pattern, Handan Jinyu Taihang has developed into the largest and most competitive supplier of cement and ready-mixed concrete in North China region, occupied an important position in Hebei province industry. The company was founded in 1958, which is one of the the 156 key projects durning the China second five-year strategical plan, once known as "Asia's largest cement company." The company experienced profound changes, and joined the Beijing Jinyu Group in 2006. The company has 2,600 employees and total assets of 2.2 billion yuan, achieved sales income of 2.5 billion yuan, profits of 300 million yuan, and has highly qualified personnel, including north building materials industry enterprise expert-level talent 8 people, 35 high-ranking personnel technician, senior skilled personnel 214 people, Graduate education 10 people.

The company's main business is the production of cement and ready-mixed concrete and sales services, value chain covering limestone mining, clinker, cement grinding and ready-mixed concrete production. In accordance with the Group "ten words" development strategy, Company has committed to creating "Jinan building material base", which is called "Jinyu Taihang Dream." The company has a wealth of high quality limestone mining resources, reserves of 250 million tons in north China, including low alkalinity, high calcium content, providing a unique material for the production of high-quality low-alkali cement. The company is now equipped with three new dry kiln decomposition outside with international leading level of technology, denitration and denitrification, circular economy cogeneration, clinker preparation-production line with efficient dust collection system, as well as the most energy-saving and high efficiency, environmentally friendly, first-class technology level three cement grinding lines; There are 16 branches, located in Handan two district and seven counties(two districts: Fengfeng and Hanshan; seven counties: Cixian, Guantao, Weixian, Daming, Handan Xian, Chengan Xian, Wuan). The production capacity of cement, clinker and ready-mixed concrete is up to 500 million tons, 4 million tons and 5 million cubic meters, and among the three, cement production, and concrete production are in the forefront of the North China region. Our main logistics channel include the company-owned rail transport and car transport , and we have established a sound cement transit and distribution network, the company now is the largest cement and ready-mixed concrete suppliers with the best efficiency and strongest management ,whose business has covered Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Henan and other regions.

The company not only has the national outstanding product development laboratory, but only the "Taihang Mountain" brand cement is rewarded the gold medal of all the cement products in country and one of China's top ten brands of cement. It is the designated products for the ministry of railways (original), ministry of construction and the ministry of communications. While we have committed to create "the first ready-mixed concrete brand in central plains", the quality meets the national standards, so it is the preferred building materials and municipal construction product. Our products are widely used in remarkable landmark projects in a long time, such as: the bird's nest-national stadium, Beijing west railway station, the Three Gorges Dam, etc. It becomes a strong brand of cement and ready-mixed concrete industry of this area.

Adhering to "the responsibility of Jinyu, the value of Jinyu, the mission of Jinyu" concept of development, While the company improves market competitiveness, we also have a strong sense of social responsibility, and make the construction of "Forest Enterprise", "Eco-enterprise" as a consistent target. Integrating with the world's advanced technology and production technology, we has completed the flue gas denitrification, desulfurization project as the first cement company in Hebei province. The company has gradually formed a resource utilization management system that can guarantee zero emissions of nitrogen oxides and other gases, zero emissions of industrial waste water and other liquids, zero storage of industrial ash, construction waste and other solids, and every year we also make full use of wasteful mine tailing, industrial fly ash, slag, gypsum more than 400 million tons. The company has become a scavenger that helps achieve "ecological civilization" in Handan City, even the whole Central Plains region.

During the twelfth "Five-year" period, the company will focus on "Beijing Jinyu Group and Handan Municipal strategic cooperation agreement" signed with Handan municipal, and actively fulfill our mission. Within four years (2012-2015), with a total investment of 15.6 billion yuan, we will realize the planning objectives whose target is to build Jinyu building materials in southern Hebei , that is in Handan City. To achieve this goal, the company will actively integrate Handan cement grinding stations to raise the overall quality , and then to realize energy saving, emission reduction and enhance the safety factor of urban construction purposes, While reduce dust emission of 600,000 tons per year; actively integrate ready-mixed concrete market, and strive to achieve an annual capacity of 15 million cubic meters; reduce vehicle and transport pollution in urban areas, land used for materials, reduce the amount of road dust about 300,000 tons, enhance the city's ready-mixed concrete quality, improve the city's earthquake seismic capacity and urban construction safety. To ensure the smooth implementation of the construction of the base, we will introduce a new category of technology innovation, develop new products, and establish a highly efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection, green building materials production base. After the completion, the base can achieve sales revenue 12 billion, the profit of 1 billion t, resolve the employment of 3,500 people.

In order to leap from good to great, Handan Jinyu Taihang Cement Co., Ltd. will continue to maintain good posture of steady and sustainable development, make efforts to enhance China's technology, management and environmental standards in cement and commercial concrete industry, and provide customers with high-quality cement and ready-mixed concrete products .